Web Services and Online Portfolio

Every artist lives off his public appearance and image.

Marketing oneself has become pretty simple and affordable today by making use of all the services being offered for free. But there is more to it. Interconnecting these services, linking them to your own website and publishing your content the right way can tremendously impact your web performance and let your fans reach out to you more easily.

You want to keep your public portfolio up-to-date, convince sponsors and show figures to agents or organisations.

Target Audience

Defining and analysing target groups is a crucial step for finding out how to reach more potential customers. Customers you say? Yes, your audience are in fact customers - you want them to visit your concerts, buy tickets or buy your music.

Online Presence

Social media are a very efficient and cheap way to reach out to your audience, sharing your content exactly where and how your audience is used to spend their time. Use them in combination with your YouTube account and website.


Improve your profile on Google+

Google+ could be the most important instrument affecting your web presence. Google+ is not just another Social Network but connects all the Google services you are using.

While other social networks help you with reaching your fans in a very personal manner, Google+ lets you shape your professional appearance on the web more easily. What is the best about it? Improve the results of web searches concerning you, your ensemble, your performances and boost your website's traffic.



Web Improvements
Create your personal page, connect it to your website and reach out to a broader audience.


Better Search Results
Improve search results andd  boost your site's ranking by publishing relevant information.


Media Integration
Include YouTube videos and your Soundcloud playlists easily and work with Google Music.

Broader Audience

Reach out to the open and do not just post to your friends and enclosed circles.

Qualified Targets

Cover your topics for a broader, more specified public and invite a larger crowd to your events.

Stories and Collections

Create animated stories of your concerts including location and show your fans how you perform.

Keep track of your performance

Also track your website's performance, analyse your website visits, find out who is interested in which content and generate more traffic to your site.

"Whoever tells me he has no time for Google+ tells me he has no time for marketing."

- Guy Kawasaki

Entrepreneur, Social Media Expert, Venture Capitalist

Soundcloud - your professional playlists


Let your audience listen to your music

Do you like to try out a product before you buy it? Do you like to get in touch with the manufacturers of your product easily? So do your fans!

When you want to generate income with your work and performance, you can let your fans get to know what they can expect from you. They can then go through your playlist and see what they will get. Do you worry people will cease to buy your recordings once you release them to the open? Worry not, fans who really consider your work valuable are going to buy your work in high quality. They want to listen to music on their portable device without losing bandwith all the time.

Spread the word quickly

Twitter helps you a lot in notifying the world about what you are currently up to.


Reach Out

Inform your followers quickly about your next concert or performance. Linking your Twitter profile to Facebook and Soundcloud makes content sharing across networks very comfortable.

Pro Sharing

Once you post there, everything conveniently gets posted on Twitter just a couple of seconds later. That way frequent visitors of your profiles get notified about what you are doing elsewhere too.

We can help you setting up your profile, connect Twitter to your other accounts, enable autoposting and create an appealing profile design.

Twitter Cards

These items are a great way to feature the content posted on your website. For artists especially Player Cards are important, as they provide your visitors with a media playing Twitter Card.

Social Login

OAuth is another great feature for your website. Let your visitors login to your website for following your concert tour dates or for subscribing to your mailing lists. With Twitter applications your visitors can create an account and login to your website without the need to memorise yet another password.

Meta Tags

Twitter brings its own meta tags based upon the Open Graph protocol, so adding these to your website definitely helps your followers recognising your content.

Engage Personally

Facebook is the largest social network so far.

Yet you need to create a strategy for making your content stick out from the massive flood of posts. Just posting content there does not make you relevant.

Posting quality in the right channels makes your content relevant to your fans.

Facebook possibly is the best option for engaging on a more personal level with your fans. Let them know about your upcoming events by creating appealing event invitations, linking to your website with more in-depth information or to an online ticket payment service. We help you with creating and setting up these connections and accounts.
Facebook Applications provide many possibilities to enhance your profile. You can even include special landing pages inside your Facebook Page, such as your upcoming concert tour, your professional biography or even an audio player. Of course Facebook sports the OAuth social login mechanisms, so your website visitors can create accounts and login to your website with their Facebook accounts.
Pages are a great way to promote your professional profile or your ensemble. Thus you can keep your private life and friends separated from your fans, making it easier to manage your online activities. Pages also let you assign friends to become administrators, so you can work on your professional profile together.

Facebook Applications

There is a lot more to create, just get in contact with us.

Improve search ranking and content display

Google Services and SEO


Everybody talks about SEO. How you can structure your content, which keywords to pick, when to post and so on. Yet all of these factors are just a handful out of 200 factors Google considers when ranking pages and their content. Moreover, these are not even the most important factors of what Google's algorithms evaluate.


What we can do for you

We put you in control over your data and analyse what your website visitors find interesting.It is a passion.
This is done by registering your website with all Google Services, editing all the meta information and connecting it to Social Platforms.

  • Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Piwik
  • Google Pages

Publish your professional bio

List your career, your bio and all info relevant for your fans in Google's search results to be noticed at one glance.

Display your songs, your recordings, your latest album and upcoming events in the sidebar.

When there is a Wikipedia entry about you, it will also be linked here. With the power of structured data you can show potential partners your track record, let users find your work and show sponsors or agencies relevant content about your track record. Of course you can also have critic reviews shown up.

If I just could speak to Google's servers in their language ...

- You can. JSON may not sound as beautiful as French or Italian, but we know how to speak it.

Shape your bio

  • Concert Dates
  • Recordings
  • Songs and Videos
  • Biography
  • Social Profiles
  • Contact Info

Help your fans find your content

List your music in the search results

And let your audience immediately listen to it.

Web users append the term songs to your name and see your song list. When clicking on a result, a YouTube video or any other media provider is shown where users can listen to your music immediately.

We can help you with adding media to your website, add media players and configure all the data behind it so that there is a cross-linking between media providers, your website and where a user can buy your music.

Show your events list

Publish your upcoming concerts or performances to the whole world, not just to your Facebook friends list. With a view hours of working on your website we can publish your events on Google's search results page.

Influencing Google's search results is not terribly difficult. In fact Google asks for your help to display structured data, so that search results concerning you, your events, your music or your website's content is shown to web users in a very simple and comprehensible way. Adding specific code particles called Rich Snippets to your website improves search results within a couple of days.