Management and Marketing

we enable artists to unfold their career

Getting things done. The right way.


Marketing and Promotion

A sound marketing mix helps to promote your advancements across various channels.

Social Media Engagement

Reach out to your audience and get in touch with followers across the globe.

Organisation Management

Let us guide you through the maze of micro management steps when hosting an event.

What does good marketing consist of?

A mix of actions and measurements to get you, your portfolio, your artistic achievements and your uniqueness into the focus of audience or sponsors.

When working on a client's behalf, we address target groups and audiences with the right instrument on the right spot.

Offline and online activities need to complement each other, recordings and photo sets underline your public image.

Our team analyses your case specifically and tailors an exactly fitting solution according to your needs and your budget. Decades of experience combined with academic knowledge in various fields gets your job done.

We create digital media and design print material on highest design standards. Let professionals work with you and enjoy being served with the same quality like you demand from yourself when performing.



We create digital media and design print material on highest design standards.

Digital Design

  • campaigning
  • newsletter design
  • mail merging template design
  • electronic invitations
  • catalogues
  • brochure designing
  • logo design
  • ticket design

Print Design

  • catalogues
  • brochures
  • booklet and cover design
  • flyers
  • posters
  • banners
  • roll ups
  • tickets

Coordinate your Social Network profiles more efficiently!

Social Media Management

You want to reach out to your audience? You are searching for partners in moving on with your ensemble?



We analyse your target group, help spread the word and promote your activities and increase your followers count.


We help you connect your Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts and hook you up with proficient social media managers.


We show you how to work with neat and simple applications or web apps for promoting your content more easily.


We can assist you in promoting your content or shape media for raising the impact of your posts.

We also help you with connecting your website to your social media profiles and install tracking and analytics applications. Why is this important to you? Increasing the number of followers is quite obvious, but what about sponsors? Show them your page views and present partners with an online track record.


Get your track record in shape!

creating the right style

refashioning your layout

consistency with your web presence

Everytime you need to show partners or organisations your prior work, you want it to stick out from the mass. Your portfolio should be simple, consistent and present you in the best light. Contact us now for discussing your new portfolio.

Let us help you

Organisation Management

Organising an event involves lots of micro management steps. Communicating with agents, suppliers or concert halls requires know how in business tasks. Preparing legal documents or negotiating contracts sometimes is difficult to handle for artists and musicians. Here we step in and guide you through the many steps involved in drawing up your concert, your festival or your performance.



If you need help with getting a budget set up for funding by your local authorities, please refer to our consulting services.

Why is having a solid budget so important? When you calculate properly and have all the numbers, supporters are more likely to show interest in working with you. When working with partners, everybody involved likes clarity and to know what is the outcome of a performance or activity. In short - if your figures are clear, the less discussion. Our services comprise of:

  • basic budget allocation
  • calculation
  • costs projection
  • sourcing

Finding an appropriate performance location is the first step, negotiating terms is another thing. We have a broad network of partners to rent a suitable performing hall for you. Every concert has specific requirements to be met by the concert hall. Is it representable, does it fit to the budget, how large is the capacity for the audience?

We are used to negotiate terms and prices with agencies and organisations, so let us help you in selecting the perfect concert hall for your performance.

Your ensemble is successful, yet you want to work on its character and the repertoire you play?

Audiences across the globe appreciate innovation and variety, sponsors might want to see something new for promoting their corporate image. Even authorities are keen on leaving beaten tracks when granting funds for single events or festivals. Apart from enhancing your ensemble's profile, you can reach out for a broader audience, find new ventures or find new partners to perform with. We can assist you in creating a new profile both meeting your expertise and your audience's interests.

Whenever you want to perform a concert involving a piano, you need to find out whether your selected location already has one available. Sometimes it does, sometimes the quality of a given instrument does not fit your needs. Piano manufacturers of course place their instruments for rent, but finding a suitable price often ist difficult. Finding an affordable instrument might be easy, but how about the transportation and insurance which covers damages?

In our company's structure there is a transportation company, existing for 20 years and having transported pianos from various manufacturers regularly. We can arrange the rent, the transporation including insurance and having it moved back to the manufacturer after your performance. Just contact us.