Events Management

The quality of an event determines what your guests will remember.


We offer a full package

your One Stop Shop

We organise different types of events within the context of the highest cultural standards. We plan and create your event, select appropriate musical accompaniment and settle it in adequate venues, so that your guests will keep the celebration, your performance or gala in good memory. We help you deciding on the right location, pick ensembles and help you to select the repertoire for your evening. 

We manage your event!

No matter if you are a business client or an artist.

You want to host a cultural event but do not know where to start from?



We conceptualise the planning, align resources and tasks.


We analyse, calculate and create budgets including the final accounts.


We arrange repertoire, cast and adaption suiting your audience.


We organise the location, catering and hire the service staff.

We cover all necessary steps for realising your event and guarantee highest standards. Our portfolio consists of a variety of services, including consulting, selecting a repertoire, cast of musicians, filing of documents for meeting statutory requirements, right up to helping you with promoting your events on the web or on social networks.

  • You want to host a cultural event but do not know where to start from?
  • You are part of an ensemble but do not want to administer the arrangement?
  • Your superiors assigned you to organise an event underlining the corporate identity?



What are the criteria for the ideal event location?

  • Does the location provide suitable acoustics?
  • Does the location represent the right atmosphere for your event?
  • Is the location representable for the theme of your event?
  • Is a stage necessary?
  • Are there enough adjoining rooms, for cooling, buffets or a changing area for instance?
  • Are there specific restrictions tied to your event? Does your event type require an authorisation?

Our contact network enables you to find and book a suitable location, meeting your budget and presenting your guests with an adequate ambience. Hosting a small chamber concert, inviting a selected circle to a vernissage or even arranging a B2B meeting in an exquisite palace, we help you in the decision making process and booking.



What is an outstanding event without an exclusive buffet? Let your guests enjoy carefully selected food, pastries and wine.

We work with catering services of highest quality, each of which showing a remarkable track record. No matter if you want to host a minor event for celebrating with your company's management team or if you are up to make your annual shareholder meeting comfortable with 1,000 expected participants - we can include different menus, finger food or just beverages in your event package.

Of course we can arrange adequate equipment:

  • Dining tables
  • Bar tables
  • Tableware
  • Glasses

Design Counts

Our design team cares about print and digital design related to your event.
Having worked with top tier clients, we know how to reach out to your audience and present you with a wide variety of services. Do not waste your time with manually creating invitation lists, simply give us an address list - we do the rest.

  • Campaigning
  • Electronic invitations
  • Newsletter design
  • Mail merging template design
  • Stage design
  • Exhibition design
  • Banners
  • Posters
  • Invitation letters
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Tickets

Sound and Video Recording

Documenting your event or placing it on YouTube, Soundcloud or wherever you want to share it positively influences your promotion activities.

Maybe you just want to keep memories of your company's anniversary or of a shareholder meeting. No matter what is the reason for recording your event, we can arrange professionals and necessary equipment. Our services include CD or DVD production, post processing up to creating a new YouTube channel for you. It is up to you.


Hire an Ensemble

We arrange the repertoire and adaption. According to the outline of the event you can book Ensemble Intrada in the following settings:

  • Piano trio
  • Piano quartet
  • String trio
  • String quartet

You can choose from a selection of classical music, contemporary classical music or light classical music. If you want certain works to be played, please let us know so our musicians can prepare on time. Also please make sure to contact us two months in advance since our musicians are on tour all over the world throughout the year.

In case you want to select a specific repertoire, we individually choose a matching cast of musicians and align interpretation, instrumentation or adaption of the opus.


Larger events usually include materials, boxes, equipment or instruments, which need to be moved to the event's location.

The service team of movingmen, a logistics company of Leonis Holding, serves clients for 20 years now. If you need material to be picked up and dropped off at your event, simply let us know and we will arrange the transportation.
Transporting art objects or instruments of high value is nothing new to us, so we also know when, how and on what terms to cover insurance for these goods. Stage works or setting up equipment for concerts or exhibitions are part of our service portfolio too, so whenever you need somebody to get his hands on, simply let us know.