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Let us assist you with our expertise in the fields of arts management, legal, business and IT.


Why you should work with Ars Leonis

Together we combine decades of experience and sport a rich portfolio of concluded projects. From small artist exhibitions to large scale government backed festival series - we created success.

How We Can Support You With Our Experience

Funding and Public Sourcing

Sponsors and Supporting Organisations

Web Services and Online Portfolio

Funding and Public Sourcing

Looking for support by authorities often imposes questions many artists do not know how to answer.

Filing documents is complicated, setting up calculations requires knowledge of accounting and legal terms. Then there are deadlines to be met for filing the documents, handing in calculated budgets and when to publish final accounts. We guide you through the mazes of funding requirements and do the paperwork for you.

What we can do for you

  • clarify which requirements you have to meet
  • identify the responsible authority
  • resolve legal terms
  • check if your application is eligible
  • set up a basic calculation
  • set up the budget
  • describe post-event cost deviation
  • clarify whether or not any funding collides with commercial interest
  • hand in post event documents

Sponsors and Supporting Organisations

Sponsors are sometimes not easy to come by. For a sponsor different aspects may be important than for an artist.


Sponsors in general have a corporate or business related interest

in supporting either artists or events, always depending on the outline of artistic activities.

Supporters usually demand a sufficient track record and channels of where to communicate their support. There are different types of support companies or agencies are willing to offer.


What we can do for you

  • How to talk to sponsors?
  • What are they interested in?
  • What are their selection criteria for supporting artistic activities?

In short: Sponsors are busy people who want to know what they benefit from.

Therefore you need an elaborate and structured concept with fresh and new ideas capable of convincing these busy people in supporting you. Our job is to connect you and sponsors, also interconnecting both your interests and theirs.

Introduce us to your ideas, concepts, activities and planned events, we will select and approach a reasonably interested organisation and work out a sponsorship plan together with you.

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Web Services and Online Portfolio

We elaborate a strategy together with you, introduce you to the different concepts, show you how and where to post what type of content and how to ensure that your target audience gets to know where to find you.

Not another social network I need to take care of ...

- Every Busy Musician

The key is not to flood the internet by posting the same content a couple of times, but to post each content type where it belongs to.

Do not work hard, work smart.

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