What we do and who we are

Artistic achievements are the most important expressions of any culture around the globe. Situated in Europe's capital of music, we are surrounded by a lively pulsating and creative atmosphere which constantly attracts and absorbs young aspiring talents.


Our goal is to help musicians

rise to the top on their path of excellence. We guide artists, assist them with business needs and create a solid portfolio.

Business and Marketing

are complicated fields for artists to manoeuvre through, so we provide our expertise to overcome hassles and difficulties.

Why you should work with us

When managing artists, our task is to get things done and create a working environment so that artists can focus on what they want to and should do: Concentrate on their artistic proficiency. We also set the marks for being introduced to influental professionals.

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  • Portfolio
  • Digital Marketing
  • Management

Our Journey

check out where we have gone so far

  • 2015 - now

    Ars Leonis goes international

    Our focus shifts from plain artist and music management to cultural exchange. Together with our PR agency floorfour we manage large scale projects for the Republic of Kazakhstan, introducing musicians and ensembles to an Austrian audience, businesses and to our sponsoring partners.

  • 2013 - 2014

    Expansion and new paths

    As the whole company expands, our activities attract attention from various agencies, artists and organisations. In this phase we get support of the City of Vienna big time, enabling us to promote more artists and work with more ensembles.

  • February 2013

    Ars Leonis comes to life

    Leonis Holding starts Arts Management as one of its divisions. Beginning with a concert in May, Ars Leonis starts to introduce new ensembles and not-so-often played composers to a wider audience. Of course, with our very own Ensemble Intrada.

  • December 2004

    Declamare is incorporated

    The NPO Declamare e Debutare is founded and forms the basis of promoting young artists.

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Our Mission

Ars Leonis provides aspiring musicians with a well crafted service catalogue that enables them to solely focus on their creative work.

We create events of highest niveau for businesses to clearly underline the high quality standards they set for themselves and their products.

We tear down the wall set between musicians and their audience.

Music is not a product to be consumed in a rules driven environment but created to enrich people's life.

When working on artistic projects, we use the same quality standards for businesses planning, marketing plans, controlling, financial matters and related to information technology as in all other business divisions of Leonis Holding.


Guidelines we follow

  • excellence
  • creativity
  • leaving trodden paths behind
  • letting artists and audience interact
  • presenting uncommon, selected works

Clients, Partners and Sponsors